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Brendan Howard is a husband, father, storyteller, blogger, media critic, political commentator, rock music obsessive, and Star Wars fan. Brendan was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and studied creative writing at the University of Iowa, where he participated in the competitive Undergraduate Fiction Workshop. He later moved to the Boston metropolitan area and joined its thriving artistic scene, creating characters and telling stories across media for the past 25 years.

In 2021, Howard published his short stories in a collection titled Rubberneckers, now available in paperback and Kindle formats. Later that year, he descended into his archives to resurrect the sci-fi comedy novellas he wrote as a teenager, introducing unsuspecting readers to the world of Rip Tapioca and George of the Gelatin-Brains.

Howard is presently hard at work on a full-length novel titled St. Bernard's Penitentiary, inspired by his experiences at a Catholic grade school during the golden age of MTV and VHS. Howard's ensemble of characters make their way through their eighth-grade school year navigating teenage struggles with dating, bullying, self-image problems, sexuality, choosing a high school, and finding one's place in the world. Along the way, they learn that nothing is forever, you can't force a fantasy to come true, you must let go of the past to get to where you are going, and the importance of forgiveness in the healing process.

Howard lives in suburban Boston with his wife Jaclyn, his daughters Sammy and Julia, and entirely too many Star Wars action figures and Prince bootlegs.

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