Brendan Howard, Author


       fills his heart.
       The keeper waits
        for the proper
        moment to fire
        up the beacon.
        It shines like
        starlight into
        the pitch sky.
       His job finished
       he  crams  hands
       in  pockets  and
           the long
       His mind
           starts to
       and he
       why he
           does what
                he does.
     Reaching the ground floor
   he performs his tasks and glances
  at the door. Through a small glass
window he spies the majesty of the wide sea
rolling into forever. At that moment he feels
the numb pain in his soul wither away to nothingness.


     What is life?
          Is it a cereal
that Mikey likes to eat?
          Is it a magazine
with neat covers
     informative articles?
          Is it a board game
where you
          go to college
          get married,
          inherit an oil well,
          and have seven kids,
all in the same day?
          Or is it a state of being
     with random,
     and stimulating elements
such as the words you are presently reading?
     What is the answer?
     Could you repeat the question?


and if "or" and "but"
between and betwixt
but ain't
why was "where" where "when" was
when it was as it was?


between oblivion and ecstasy
on a tightrope
not wishing to drop yet
tensed by the altitude
pattern in reflex
leaden lids
diffuse to black


Granted, we have only known
Each other for a short
Time, but we’re both consenting

Adults. If I’m reading you right, then you
Want it as much as I do. No need to be
Awkward about it. Simply close your eyes and shut
Your mouth and enjoy the ride...


Hoopla, hype, and judgement from the
Whuttering, sputtering talking head
Wearing a sharp jacket and tie as he disgraces the
Wench, as accused, with all her dirty laundry
While smirking to his scandal-hungry viewers


If an hourglass drops one grain at a time;
If a windstorm whips at a leisurely pace;
If the ocean ceases its turbulent lapping;
If eternity stretches across every day—

The passage of time relates to experience,
The length of a day somehow withers each year.
If the rush and the hustle were somehow erased
Would the impact of urgency soon disappear?

© 1997- Brendan Howard
All rights reserved.