Brendan Howard, Author

I don't consider myself an aspiring filmmaker because I've never actually made a film. While I did apply to several film schools in 1998, every single one rejected me! So I went back to watching movies and buying DVDs, which is always entertaining but certainly not as rewarding as the creative process.

Even though the industry seems to have no use for me, I have completed treatments for a few screenplays over the years and would love to collaborate with a brilliant young filmmaker. Any takers?

LOOK THE OTHER WAY (working title)

Abandoned and stolen shopping carts are money in the bank for Farley, who returns them to supermarkets for cash. Encroaching anti-theft technology and a raging crush on a pretty store manager make his life more complicated than he would prefer.

HE CAN BUY (working title)

A promising college student is so devastated by a painful breakup that he spends the next five years of his life sitting on the couch playing video games and watching reruns of sitcoms. When his ex returns as a residence hall coordinator, he re-enrolls at school and moves into the freshman dorms as a 26-year-old.


In mid-sixties New England, a bright college freshman take great pains to conceal her unexpected pregnancy from the strict administration and her new boyfriend.


A lonely woman obsessed with trashy television dramas finds herself tangled in a love triangle with a sleazy lawyer and his irresistible wife.


Barely acquaintances since their parents divorced, a sister and brother are unwitting participants in a wishy-washy romance over the Internet that inspires both of them to find true love in the real world.

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